Premier Institute of Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR

Digital Marketing Course

Join our Digital Marketing course to add a hike in your career graph via offline or online training. All Job seekers, Under Graduates, Graduates, and Entrepreneurs can join our online or offline classes at an economical fee. Get certification in online marketing and can start your start-up or can join an satisfactory JOB. Curriculum integrated with Case studies, Projects, and real-time implementation on live websites.

Proskills Edushala’s core team members are teaching digital marketing since then when digital marketing in India has started getting some acquaintance. We at Proskills Edushala, provide not just regular guidance and theoretical knowledge about the niche, however, we also try to find out the interest and inclination of our students and let them brainstorm over it along with the regular course.

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Premier Institute of Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR

Be a competent and skilled digital marketer that businesses are looking for to enhance their digital presence. Learn key skills of the industry including basics and fundamentals right from the industry experts and come across the industry jargons. Proskills Edushala offers Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR under Digital India initiative to educate and train individuals for a bright, thriving career in one of the most demanding sectors.

Get enrolled in the course of your choice and be eligible to receive 6+ certifications. What’s more? Get a chance to work on live projects, national and international, as a freelancer. Also receive a work experience letter after successful completion of your course.

Digital Marketing Institute
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Top Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR

A career in digital marketing is enriching and rewarding like never before. With the right skills and knowledge, you can either work as a freelancer or find yourself fit for strategic roles in large organizations.

Join the online classes conducted by Proskills Edushala and master digital marketing tools from the industry veterans. Learn marketable skills through online digital marketing course in Gurgaon , and NCR, and get certified in digital marketing. World-class digital marketing experts reveal the tips and tricks of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing , and everything that prevails in digital marketing. There are courses for all levels: from beginners to advanced (for a career upgrade). Enrol now to become a certified digital marketer.

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Definition & What it is about?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is all about promoting your business on the internet and bringing customers from across the globe through digital medium either mobile apps, websites, social media or emails.
It is not as simple as it sounds, as it has several stages to cross and unlimited competitors alongside. Then their come Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing , etc. according to whom, to compete without competitors, we have to build our website within the guidelines. At present, digital marketing has become vital for all business and their brand awareness.
Digital marketing includes SEO, SEM, SMM, Google-Ads, PPC and everything within digital boundaries.

The Dimensions you can touch

SCOPE in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is way more than just a profession today. It is a whole world in itself, that consists of more than 500 million users who have some idea about digital marketing within India only.
Every business, start-up, Govt. organization, is turning online today, and thus needs a digital expert.
The scope of Digital marketing needs no introduction as everything around us is just digital today. We are just required to become better, faster, smarter than others.

Facts about Digital Marketing & its Market Demand

Availability of JOBs

THE FUTURE IS CALLING......According to this research, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and its demand has opened several opportunities for individuals to pursue careers in the field. Companies offer competitive salary packages if you possess that X-factor of Digital Marketing. Understanding of tools and strategies make the digital marketer to get hired for personal brands, corporates, Govt. sectors, and many more and also helps to make you grow as a YouTuber, influencer, blogger, affiliate marketer, etc. There is no limit to earn in the Digital Marketing domain.

Digital Marketing
Money Aspects

How much I can Earn through Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a whole and sole of internet-based businesses. It is neither less than an officer, who maintains the law and order maintained within the community (website) according to the rules set.
The work is of a major liability as it has to inspect every dimension of online business and so the earnings are also expected according to it. Digital executives start with a five-figure salary and end up nowhere by developing their digital marketing venture to serve many at a time. Neil Patel is one of the pioneers of digital marketing, who needs no introduction about his earnings and himself.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR
Digital Marketing Course
Technology from Tomorrow

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

To sustain and win over the competitors, there is a need for a Online digital marketing expert.
As the results are so volatile, because of which, daily practices are required, generating the profession of digital marketing executives.
Once an executive starts working under a marketer on a project, it brings him a plethora of opportunities to choose any domain. Be it SEO, SEM, SMM, Google Adwords, etc.
There are more start-ups than the already established businesses around us. Thus, again the digital marketer and executives are the required assets.

Proskills Edushala

Our Professional Programs

Take our courses online and earn a professional certificate on your schedule.
Enhance your skills for Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Course

Our Course Modules

Digital Marketing Overview Branding & Marketing Overview Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting Strategies
What is Digital Marketing? Branding v/s Marketing v/s Sales What is Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting
Importance of Digital Marketing Inbound vs Outbound Marketing Importance & Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting
Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing Types of Marketing Types of Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting
Who can join Digital Marketing Course? Understand Customer's requirements & Your Suggestions Remarketing Strategies
Scope of Digital Marketing Strategies to achieve Objectives Remarketing Rules
Basics of Digital Marketing? Manage your Budget Remarketing Tracking Code
Strategy of Digital Marketing Branding, Awarness, Remarketing, Lead Generation Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Online Reputation Management(ORM) Viral Marketing What is SEO
Leave Your Impression in Challenging World Infographics Marketing Importance of SEO
Learn how to create a Professional Resume Assessment, Analytics & ROI Tracking How does SEO work?
Mock Interviews Website Planning & Creation How does Serach Engine work?
Business Etiquette for job seeker Enterpreneurs Introduction to Website Planning & Creation Optimizing with Google Algorithms
Professional Etiquette for job seeker Importance of Website Creation How to improve Google Ranking
Email etiquette How to create Website effectively? Keyword Research & Analysis
Telephone etiquette etc. Understand the nature of business Competitor Analysis
Social Engine Marketing(SEM) Understand the nature of business White Hat ,Greay and Black Hat SEO
What is SEM? Selection of right domain & web hosting On-Page SEO
Importance of SEM Website creation by Wordpress Off-Page SEO
How does SEM work? E-Commerce website creation with Woocommerce Local & International SEO
What are the types of SEM? Selection of right domain & web hosting Mobile SEO
Audience List Optimize Website & Landing Pages eCommerce SEO
Increase reach and visibility Mobile Friendly Website Meta Tags and Meta Description
Understanding Conversion Tracking SEO Friendly Website Content Optimization
Social Media Marketing(SMM) Control Panel Internal Linkings
What is Social Media Marketing? Website Audit Alt Tag
Importance of SMM Google Adwords(PPC) Back Link Strategies
How does SMM work? Introduction to Google Adwords(PPC) URL Structure
Social Media Optimization Importance of PPC Technical SEO (Responsive Design, Site Speed)
Facebook Marketing How does Adwords work? Custom 404 Page
Linkedin Marketing Types of Google Ads Mobile Usability Error
Instagram Marketing Understanding Adwords account Google Search Console or Web Master Tool
Twitter Marketing Creation of Search Network Campaign Optimizing Website Structure
Quora Marketing Creation of Google Display Network Advance Link Building
Snapchat Marketing Targeted Ad copy creation Effective SEO Report
Pinterest Marketing Extensions in Google Ads SEO Audit, Tools & Measurements
Understand Conversion Tracking & Leads Keyword research, planning & control Internal Links Vs External Links
Evaluate Results Conversion Tracking Tools Display Ads Marketing
Increase reach and visibility Introduction to PPC, CPM and CPA Introduction to Display Ads Marketing?
Google Analytics Creating Ad Campaigns Importance of Display Ads Marketing
What is Google Analytics Creating Text Ads How does Display Ads Marketing work?
Importance of Google Analytics? Creating Image Ads Display Ad Campaigns
How does Google Analytic Work? Creating Video Ads How to Create better ads?
Benefits of using Google Analytics? Creating Ad Groups How to target audience effectively and track conversions
How to set up views with filters Bidding Strategy for CPC Ad Gallery Tool
Audience Segmentation Google My Business Graphic Designing
Content Performance Analysis What is Google My Business Logo Designing
Visitors Analysis Importance of GMB Corporate Brand Creation
Social Media Analytics How does GMB work? Merchandise Desinging
Web Analytics Local SEO (Google Map) Designing of Corporate Stationery
Measurement Metrics Google Guidelines for Local SEO Content Marketing
Analytics Reporting Google My Business Certification What is Content Marketing?
Traffic and Behaviour Reports Email Marketing Importance of Successful Content Marketing Strategy
Goals and Conversion Reports What is Email Marketing? How does qualitative content marketing strategy work?
Mobile Marketing Importance of Email Marketing for your business Elements of valuable content
What is Mobile Marketing? How does Email Marketing work? Track and measure the success of content marketing strategy
Mobile Marketing Vs Desktop Version Some interesting facts about Email Marketing? Content Marketing Stats 2020
How does Mobile Marketing Works Email Software and Tools How to write unique content?
Blogging Strategize Email Campaign How to engage visitors on useful content?
What is Blogging? Create Targeted Audience List Submission of Content/Blogs on Web for Link Generation
Importance of Blogging? Analyse Results How to make your content viral
How to create free blogs? Effective Email Content Tools for brainstorming killer content ideas do robust keyword research
How to write keyword oriented blogs? Email Templates and Designs Affiliate Marketing
How to optimize blogs? You Tube & Video Marketing What is You Affiliate Marketing?
How to engage and increase visitors on the blog? What is You Tube Marketing? Importance of Affiliate Marketing
Track and measure the results Importance of You Tube Marketing How does Affiliate Marketing work?
Sources to Make Money Online How does You Tube Marketing work? How to find best paying affiliate sites?
Learn how to earn money from different channels Creation of You Tube Channel Optimization of Blog & Website for Affiliate Marketing
Google AdSense Creating YouTube Marketing Strategies Applying for an Affiliate
How to apply Adsense to earn money from Blogging, You Tube, Facebook etc. Optimize YouTube Channel Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
Influencer Marketing Youtube SEO E-Commerce Marketing
How to increase subscriber & views E-Commerce Ads
Creating videos and User engagements CPC, CPA, CPI and other metrics
Social sharing, comments and reviews Getting Most Conversions
You Tube Video Promotion Payments and Payouts
Amazon Seller Services
Flipkart Seller Services
Other Seller Services
Certified Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Enormous Career Growth in Digital Marketing

Are you still confused about your future in digital marketing?

Let me explain, As 2020 starts people change themself drastically due to COVID-19. Now every industry moves its most of the process online either it is branding, sales, purchase, jobs hiring, meetings, advertisements even social relations all go to the internet platform. So now there are huge JOB openings in Digital platforms for product marketing, company branding, social networking, Health & lifestyle sectors, education, e-commerce, SEO, affiliate branding, content writer, etc. and also higher salaries are offered by companies to Digital Marketers.

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Fee Structure

One-Time Payment = Rs. 20,000 Easy Two EMIs = Rs. 22,500 Easy Three EMIs = Rs. 25,000
Rs. 5,000 Discount on One-Time Payment Rs. 2,500 Discount on Easy Two EMIs Payment
Two EMIs : Rs. 12,500 + Rs. 10,000
Pay in Easy Three EMIs : Rs. 10,000 + Rs. 10,000 + Rs. 5,000
Duration Batch Timings
4 Months Advance Digital Marketing Online/Classroom Course Both Weekdays & Weekends batches are available